Marine Lanterns

LED signals for all applications

Today LED technology is the preferred solution for all signal lights in the marine aids to navigation industry. Sabik´s range of LED lanterns is the most comprehensive available:

  1. buoy lanterns
  2. ice buoy lanterns
  3. medium and long range beacon lanterns
  4. range lights
  5. sector lights
  6. light tubes for structure illumination
  7. self contained lights

      Sabik lanterns are appreciated for their luminous performance, reliability, modularity and functionality. By selecting a Sabik lantern you not only get a reliable light but also a complete palette of intelligent solutions. Our customers have the possibility to choose right features for their specific needs to operate their aids to navigation efficiently and at lower life time cost.

      ODSL200 w92pxODSL 200

      LED sector light

      ODSL 200  omni-directional sector light is an innovative, compact new sector lantern with accurate sector borders. The lantern is equipped with a replaceable LED optical unit. The range of the lantern,  depending on colour and flash character,  is between 6-10 nm (Tc = 0,74). ODSL 200 VIDEO on Youtube  Product Datasheet ODSL 200 (pdf)

      SABIK Marine Lantern LED 110LED 110

      Marine LED light for buoys and small beacons

      LED 100 is a maintenance free short range LED lantern. Using latest high power LEDs, Sabik intelligent electronics and our specially designed efficient optics, we have been able to achieve an excellent performance for the lantern. LED 110 is produced of polycarbonate for durability and low weight. Product Datasheed LED110 (pdf)

      Ice buoy LED light VP LEDVP LED

      Ice Buoy LED light

      The VP LED is a LED lantern designed to be used in moderate ice conditions. It has a proven record of surviving the crushing pressure and dynamic forces of ice. VP LED is mainly used on plastic ice spars and buyos when light unit weig is important. Product Datasheet VP LED (pdf)

      LED 155 Marine LanternLED 155

      Marine LED light for buoys and minor beacons

      LED 155 is a general purpose LED lantern commonly used on both fixed and floating structures. The lantern is modular in design. It can be configured with two different vertical divergencies and 1-3 tiers depending on operational requirements. Product Datasheet LED155 (pdf)

      MPV LED Ice buoy LED lightMPV LED

      Heavy Duty Ice Buoy LED light

      The MPV LED is a LED lantern designed to be used in most severe ice conditions, capable of surviving the crushing pressure and dynamic forces of ice in winter conditions. Product Datasheet MPV LED (pdf)

      led160LED 160

      Full Range Lantern for fixed and floating installations

      This all-round LED 160 lantern has world-class optical performance with options for buoys and fixed installations. Three different lantern options available covering a range from 3 Nm up to 12Nm (Tc = 0,74).
      Product Datasheet LED160 (pdf)


      marine lantern LED 350LED 350

      High intensity LED light for fixed installations

      LED 350 is a high performance omni-directional LED precision beacon with a range of 15 nautical miles. 10 nm range with white achieved with less than 10 watts. Product Datasheet LED350 (pdf)

      SABIK Marine lantern LED 350 HLED 350 H

      High Power LED light for fixed installations

      LED beacon capable of ranges up to 18 nautical miles. LED 350 H is designed to substitute rotating beacons with a considerably smaller power consumption. Product Datasheet LED350H (pdf)

      LED light 350 HIWLED 350 HIW

      High intensity LED light for large floating stations

      LED 350 HIW is a high intensity LED beacon for ranges up to 12 nautical miles. It is designed for floating stations where a vertical beam typical for a buoy light is required. Product Datasheet LED350 HIW (pdf)

      Sabik omni-directional sector light LED 350 ODSLLED 350 ODSL

      Omni-directional LED sector light

      LED 350 is a unique precision LED sector light that can replace most traditional incandescent sector lights with coloured glass filters. The range of a single tier white is 8 nm (Tc = 0.74). Red and green tiers have a range of 6 nm. Product Datasheet LED350ODSL (pdf)

      SBF160SBF 160

      Marker Light for Aquaculture Farms

      SBF 160 is a marker light developed for aquaculture farms. The unit is designed to meet the requirements regarding night and day time visibility as well as radar visibility. The unit is designed to be installed directly on the floats of the aquaculture farms, and various adapter plates are available for different float types.
      The marker light consists of a yellow buoy tube with integrated power supply, LED lantern, light reflectors as well as internal radar reflector. In this marker light the Sabik LED 110 lantern is used. This lantern has very low power consumption and can be fitted with various options like synchronization and remote monitoring. Product Datasheet SBF 160 (pdf)

      Lantern Technology

      Sabik Marine Controller (SMC) is the new generation lantern controller (flasher) replacing the LEDFlasher in most of our lanterns. The new SMC comes with all the proven solutions invented by Sabik for the previous generation controllers. A wide range of new innnovative functions are included and we are setting a new standard for efficiency of flashers.

      SMC is a versatile controller with a whole range of functions integrated as standard and a variety of add-on options. Development and testing of the new SMC has taken over 3 years with every single function carefully designed and optimized by our engineering team. Product Datasheet Lantern Technology (pdf)